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Kazuya Lathrop

Real Estate Agent

Kazu was born, raised, educated, and lives in the city of Honolulu, where he has an acute knowledge of this wonderful place he gets to call home. His intimate knowledge of Oahu, and experiences of living there all his life, give him the enthusiasm and desire to help you find the best option on this beautiful island!

In 2014, four years after earning his BA in Economics from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, he left the career that he had for nine years, at the age of 27, so that he could start his own businesses. He successfully ran and sold them five years later, in 2018.

He still loves to utilize his knowledge of economics to manage his brokerage account, which he started in 2009.

He began his real estate career in 2017 where, within two years, he has been able to use his experience to record a wide range of sales including: starter homes, apartment walk-ups, condominiums, single family home, multi-million dollar commercial investment property, and commercial lease take-overs. He has also been able to obtain over 40 rental unit management contracts within two years. He attributes his successes to the satisfaction of his clients.

His first priority as a realtor is to make his clients happy. As a second-generation Japanese-American, he was taught the importance of loyalty, ownership, honesty, respect, and gratefulness. His goal is to exude these traits onto the relationships he has with his clients, so that he can earn their trust and satisfaction.

His clients appreciate his: tenacity, punctuality, honesty, intuition, amiability, flexibility, patience, computer skills, network of industry professionals, negotiation, analytical skills, and knowledge of economics and relations to interest rates.

When he is not working he enjoys cooking, hiking, stand up paddling boarding, traveling, and occasionally working out!

He loves having conversations about travel, films, cars, business, economics, and natural science.

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